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Big Hit CEO confesses BTS was created because of this one member

In an interview with Xports News, Big Hit Entertainment‘s CEO Bang Shi Hyuk revealed how the group was started and the promise he made.

Bang Shi Hyuk explained that once he saw Rap Monster rap, he thought a hip-hop group should be created. Hyuk then set out on the task of looking for members to join the proposed group. He targeted members who could not only be idols but would also be able to tell their own stories.
Rap Monster showing off some of that swag that that landed him a spot in BTS
Check out one of Rap Monster’s pre-debut songs that caught the eye of Big Hit entertainment’s CEO!

EO Hyuk finishes this section of the interview with “These thoughts of mine are still reflected in BTS’s music to this day. My hope was that they would become a group that can write and compose their own performances, and they are slowly accomplishing that task.”
CEO Hyuk also made a promise to the members of BTS. He told the members “If you believe in the team, and do your best in your roles, I will help you become recognized as a team of producers, not just idols. The members believed in me, so now it is my turn to keep that promise, for the past, present, and future.” 
Most recently, Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope helped write BTS’s latest title track “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”. This trio also contributed to the writing of “I Need U” and were joined by V and Jungkook in writing “Run.”
Source: XportsNews

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