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Jo Yoon Hee Makes First Public Statement About Her Relationship With Lee Dong Gun

Actress Jo Yoon Hee has opened up about her relationship with Lee Dong Gun.

Jo Yoon Hee and Lee Dong Gun’s agencies confirmed on February 28 that the two are currently in a relationship. The two actors actually played the leading couple in the KBS 2TV weekend drama “Laruel Tree Tailors,” and their on-screen relationship has become a real, off-screen relationship.

The actress opened up during her radio show, KBS CoolFM’s “Jo Yoon Hee’s Raise the Volume,” and began with, “We all dream of a special love. A special love is not when you meet a special person, but when you meet an ordinary person and share a special love with them. I’m sure that there are shining beacons of special love out there right now.”

She continued to add, “Though it’s a little embarrassing to say this, I’ve become one of those shining beacons out there. I’m sure you’ve all read the articles, and I want to thank you for your messages of congratulations and support. Please watch over us.”

We would also like to extend our congratulations to the happy couple!

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