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US and South Korea Said North Korea New Missile Launch Fails

North Korea's latest attempted a missile launch Wednesday morning ended in failure as the United States sent a supersonic
bomber streaking over ally South Korea in a show of force against the North, U.S. military officials and South Korea said

Korea said.

"A missile appears to have exploded within seconds of launch," U.S. Pacific Command spokesman Dave Benham said in a statement.
"We are working with our interagency partners on a more detailed assessment. We continue to monitor North Korea's actions closely."

The reported launch failure comes as the North angrily reacts to ongoing annual U.S.-South Korean military
 drills that it views as an invasion rehearsal. Earlier this month, North Korea fired four ballistic
 missiles that landed in waters off Japan, triggering strong protests from Seoul and Tokyo.

"The world will soon witness what eventful significance the … recent ground jet test of Korean-style high-thrust engine will carry," North Korea's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday via state-run news agency KCNA. "The nuclear force of [North Korea] is the treasured sword of justice and the most reliable war deterrence."

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