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8 Reasons We LOVE The Friendship Between Harry Styles And Ed Sheeran

1. They says they are each other's 'rock'. N'awww!

Ed and Harry first started hanging out together before their careers exploded and Ed has described them as "anchors for
 each other" in the crazy world of fame. Awww!

2. They are NEVER afraid to get a lil' touchy feely with one another.

Can you really blame them? We can't deny we wouldn't get a tad handsy if this pair were around. Picture: Tumblr

3. They never let the ladies get between them. #Bros4Life

Like true BFFs, they don't let any break ups, romances or friendships interfere in their bro business. Picture: Instagram

4. Just like all bezzies, they LOVE a bit of karaoke together

Being two of the best singers around, there's no worries of any bum notes when these two take the mic - and the pair were caught on camera back in 2012 singing a little ditty together at an after party while Taylor actual Swift looked on. Their song of choice? 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' - cute! Picture: YouTube

5. Ed wrote one of the sweetest songs EVER & gave it to Harry and the 1D boys!

Let's be honest, he could have kept 'Little Things' for himself but in true best friends style he handed the song over to Harry & co like it was no thang.

6. They're not afraid to plant a SMACKER on anyone who needs a smile.

The pair are hunky and handsome but this doesn't stop them from spreading the love to those who need it.

7. Grabbing an Ed/Harry combo photo is a rare and valuable thing.

Even though they are two of the most well known men in the business they still have time for a cheeky pic or two. (we are officially jealous of this lucky girl). Picture: grace_roche Twitter

8.They stay up building Lego together like two gorgeous overgrown kids.

Hazza famously bought Ed a huge bunch of Lego to celebrate Mr Sheeran going to number one – the pair of them then stayed up until 3am building the Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars. Which is TOTALLY what we would imagine two of the biggest pop stars of the moment to do in their down time… Shame they didn't build a Lego House really. LOL. Picture: Getty

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