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BTS’s V and Jungkook bless us with Taekook selfie to brighten our day

Taekook are back in action (Picture: VLive)
Taekook are back in action (Picture: VLive)
Who knew a Taekook selfie would be what brightened up this lockdown Tuesday?

 BTS fans were given quite the surprise when V and Jungkook jumped on a VLive session for some singing, some arts and crafts and general heart breaking for the ARMY. ARMYs will know that we are rarely gifted with a team-up of just V and Jungkook – so imagine how blessed the fanbase were feeling when the bandmates not only started a live stream, but gifted us with a selca (or selfie) for the archives. In a picture we’re sure is already the wallpaper for thousands of phones, Jungkook pouted as he held up a bouquet made of crepe paper, while V looked effortlessly cool with a pair of sunglasses on.

And yep, the Taekook lovers had their days made:

we waited a taekook selca for two years and it was worth it!!
— b r i ⁷ ⟭⟬ 𖧵 ∞ (@taekoosoft) May 5, 2020 

yall ready for the next taekook vlive in 2026 pic.twitter.com/IShVQ8RsZa
— tash 8.1k (@Iittletaes) May 5, 2020

 idk but this part of taekook singing never not iS JUST SO CUTE?? they’re so in sync PLUS their smiles is just so ADORABLE 😭🥺 pic.twitter.com/Fdt3GjItB2
— tannie ⁷ •̀ㅅ•́ (@taesnowhite) May 5, 2020 

we got taekook live.. and a taekook selca.. HOW ARE WE TAEKOOK NATION??????😭😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/gCkd2hqQAg
— mïcks luvs u⁷⟭⟬ (@jiminoosaurus) May 5, 2020 

there’s so much going on this video, taekook singing never not, tae’s tiny voice on the verse, little drumming, jungkook’s giggle and woah woah calm down at the end they’re so precious pic.twitter.com/vHyQDHGbZ4
— alex⁷ ◡̈ (@iIlejeons) May 5, 2020
On the V Live, the ON singers opted for a crafting session, as they utilised their origiami skills to create a crown and flowers while sweetly singing Lauv’s Never Not, which was covered by Jungkook earlier in the week. We don’t know what’s our favourite part – the little dance moves, V suddenly drumming, or Taehyung telling Jungkook to ‘calm down’ at the end of the song. While we had to wait a whole two years for this Taekook selca, the boys promised that more content is on the way, with both of them expressing an interest in further Lives.

Kings of crafts (Picture: VLive)
Kings of crafts (Picture: VLive)
 BTS – made up of V, Jungkook, RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope and Jimin – were forced to postpone their world tour due to the global pandemic, and are now back in Korea. However, they have been keeping themselves busy by hosting various VLives and working on their new album, with RM confirming that Jimin is ‘doing everything’ in the studio.

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